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ROTC and Outside Awards

Outside awards consist of aid from sources and agencies other than VMI and are considered resources for determining financial assistance. It is incumbent upon the student to notify the Financial Aid Office of such awards.

Receipt of outside awards may impact VMI’s institutional financial aid because the combination of all financial aid and scholarships should not exceed the student’s demonstrated need.  If such assistance is received, VMI may revise its institutional financial aid award.  VMI’s guidelines for these adjustments are as follows:

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ROTC Scholarships

VMI cadets may receive ROTC scholarships for Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force for all or part of the cadetship.  These scholarships cover tuition and may also include allowances for books and fees and living expenses. ROTC scholarships offer opportunities to obtain leadership positions in the armed forces upon graduation. 



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Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC provides students with valuable leadership skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. In addition, AFROTC offers money to pay for school with scholarships including $900 a year for books, as well as spending money.

And best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to land a leadership position in the U.S. Air Force right out of school. Your future could begin right here, right now.

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More about Navy ROTC Scholarships

The J.T. – Minnie Maude Charitable Trust 

Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of academic achievement and promise, financial need, and other related selection criteria. Award amounts will vary, up to and including a possible full scholarship.

The Granville P. Meade Scholarship provides financial assistance to students who have achieved academically, but who are financially unable to attend college. The Granville P. Meade fund provides scholarship awards to worthy and needy Virginia high school seniors to attend one of Virginia's public or private colleges or universities.

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships 

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Commonwealth Awards 
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Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP) 

VMI Virginia State Cadetship Program  

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