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No Ordinary College.

澳门糖果派对的毕业生从未满足于平凡. 他们总是在追求更高的标准.

Do you have what it takes?

No Ordinary Cadets. No Ordinary Life.


在它的历史中, VMI has produced leaders and individuals whose daily lives reflect the integrity, fairness, 以及对学院灌输的努力工作的价值的欣赏. For the individual who wants an undergraduate experience more complete and transformative than an ordinary college or university can provide and more versatile in its applications than a military service academy affords, VMI提供了极好的教育.


我之所以选择VMI而不是其他学校,是因为它的严谨和吓人, 长期以来的传统, 它有着生产这个国家最好产品的非凡历史.





Best Small College -
Fewer than 2,500 students



A Common Purpose. A Connected Corps.

在弗吉尼亚理工大学有一种亲密的关系,这在美国大学是罕见的. Much is shared among members of a class – intense preparation for parades and inspections, late-night study sessions, downtime in barracks. 当庆祝活动到来的时候——接受你的班级戒指的仪式, 例如,你会发现和你一起庆祝的人, your brother rats, are the ones closest to you, who know life as you know it, who share your values.


I’m just really lucky to have gotten the chance to come here - every single day I was grateful to be here and to be doing whatever I got a chance to do… I’ve never had so many people genuinely care about me and want to see me do well.



43 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, DC, and 7 foreign countries are represented in the Corps


学员们有后备军官训练队,健身训练,旁观者干预训练, & weapon training.



Where will you find your place at VMI?

VMI's academic program offers a rigorous education that includes carefully selected majors in engineering, science, liberal arts, and social sciences. Athletics at VMI form an integral part of the school's aim to educate the whole person. The athletic program, 多年诚信经营, 对于VMI决心鼓励“身心健康."


 At VMI, you will find that things are done with purpose and that when it comes to class size - less is more. 在澳门糖果派对的怀抱中找到你的激情 14 majors 横跨艺术和人文学科, engineering, 信息与社会科学, 以及生命和自然科学. Faculty-mentored 本科研究机会 reward and enhance the cadet experience from cadet travel grants to present at professional meetings to conducting research in the field.

Military Training & ROTC

 VMI在军事环境中构建相关的教育. By attending VMI you will develop confidence and become an honorable citizen-soldier who leads with competence, courage, caring and Integrity. 在VMI有一个团制度, there is an honor code, 在学员团中有巨大的领导机会. 继续你四年的军训 ROTC in the armed services or take your self-discipline and leadership skills into the working world.

Athletics and Fitness

 VMI学员被要求参加七个学期的体育课程. 这些项目旨在增强自尊, leadership characteristics, 点燃一份对身体健康和终身健康的热情. 如果你是一名运动员,你有机会参与其中 NCAA Division I athletics 或者选择参加一个或多个澳门糖果派对的20+俱乐部运动. 课外活动并不止于此, cadets can also serve, compete, 或者在其他方面发展他们的技能 活动及服务俱乐部 比如水肺潜水、公民参与、表演艺术和军事技能.

Challenge. Competition. Camaraderie.

特殊的传统,比如Breakout, parades, Old Yells, Ring Figure, and the march down to Foster Stadium are just some of the ways that VMI takes the best aspects of a life at college and stamps them with a uniquely 'Institute' flair. 除了领导力课程, military training, and academic work, your time at VMI will also offer you the chance to compete in NCAA and club athletics, be a published author, serve in the community, rock climb, box, be trained as an EMT... the list goes on!


Forging a path of leadership and honor.

VMI graduates leave the Institute demonstrating the ability to apply the art and science of leadership to inspire, motivate, and develop subordinates, 实现组织目标, 在这个复杂多变的世界中发挥领导作用. Each year, approximately 50% of the graduating class commissions into the armed forces following four years of ROTC in one of four branches of the U.S. Military at the Institute.


我一直都知道我想参军,只是不知道怎么去. 我来到VMI,我意识到如果我在这里, 有一个版本的我可以追求, and that's a leader, a servant leader. 一个坚强又有韧性的人.

Clarabelle Walkup ’23

Among VMI's graduates are:

  • Corporate Leaders
  • Members of Congress
  • Best-selling Authors
  • Oscar Winning Producer
  • World-Renown Sculptor
  • Anglican Martyr
  • Global Explorer
  • Mayors
  • College Presidents
  • NFL Coaches
  • Pulitzer Prize Winner
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • 各位,参谋长联席会议成员
  • General of the Army
  • Secretary of State
  • Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • College Presidents
  • NFL Coaches
  • Pulitzer Prize Winner
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • 各位,参谋长联席会议成员
  • General of the Army
  • Secretary of State
  • Nobel Peace Prize Winner

What can VMI help you achieve?

VMI’s remarkable education will prepare you for honorable success and selfless service. You will do so confidently because you have received an extraordinary education that has prepared you to take on the challenges that you will face. The VMI Alumni Agencies will help you maintain your ties with your Brother Rats and the Institute and forge new relationships with your fellow alumni and other members of the VMI Family.

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